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Professor Shula Parush

As a professional she was always respectful and caring for colleagues, patients and staff. One of her characteristics was her honesty and sincere interest for people, inspiring them to collaborate and commit in each step of the tasks assigned.

Professor Shula Parush School Chair and Director of Graduate Studies School of Occupational Therapy of Hadassah and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem - – Read More –
Raymond Corsini

She is the author of several fine, award-winning books on applied psychology, is known widely for her own method of group therapy and has used her multi-lingual talents in several nations (USA, Argentina, Israel) to lead influential workshops on group therapy. 

Raymond Corsini PhD.Clinical Psychologist – Author of over 40 books including the Dictionary of Psychology where Dr. Bertisch Meir is included - – Read more –

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“We both worked at the Jerusalem Municipality, Department of Public Health. We were both in charge of supervising the “Kidum” project from 1977 to 1980….” – Professor Shula Parush, School…


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