Artemis Pipinelli, PhD. TCI College of Technology, New York

Artemis Pipinelli, PhD. TCI College of Technology, New York

I am very honored and proud to write this letter for my friend and colleague Dr. Rivka Bertisch Meir. I know Dr. Rivka for the past 10 years. Our collegial relationship was developed through attending professional meetings in psychology both nationally and internationally.

We have jointly participated on symposiums on key psychological issues on health, women’s issues, aging and trauma through the New York State Psychological Association, the American Psychological Association Division 52 of International Psychology, Division 1 of General Psychology.

Her outstanding presentation, on the Dr. Rivka’s Method and her research was acclaimed at Fordham University and other professional institutions such as the annual Psychology Conference at Pace University, Touro College and Lander School of Women, Lehman and Hunter College. She has served as chairperson in several committees receiving Awards for her innovative, creative work and dedication to the profession where she earned the status of fellow in several divisions. She was also awarded the status of Fellow by the Eastern Psychological Association. She was distinguished as a key factor to spread the collaboration and cooperation at international level of the APA through her program “Adopt a Psychologist from Abroad” gathering psychologists from 93 different countries.

Dr. Rivka taught at several New York Universities. These professional encounters gave me first-hand experience to see Dr. Rivka in action, showing her abilities, skills and experience in the field of psychology.

Dr. Rivka is one of the most enthusiastic, and motivational leaders in the field. She is an empathic and caring therapist who has helped lots of people both here and abroad. She has done extensive work in Israel and in Argentina. She uses her motivational coaching and helps people to take charge of themselves and advance in their lives. Her innovative and creative techniques are most of them documented in her publications available in many languages and all her scientific papers presented at different professional conferences.

Most importantly, Dr. Rivka is indeed a woman of high moral character, highly motivated, determined, and eager to help other in any level she works, teaching or helping in independent practice.

She is international since she lived in several countries and states, multilingual and published widely.

I highly endorse Dr. Rivka Bertisch Meir. I truly believe that connecting with Dr. Rivka one can benefit in any capacity and expand his/her knowledge, from her vast wisdom and experience.


Artemis Pipinelli, PhD
Faculty, TCI College, NY

President, 2013 IPD, NYSPA
Past-President, 2010 IPD, NYSPA
APA, Outreach Chair Div 52, 2013