Rivka Bertisch Meir, a Remembrance – by Dr. Michael Meir

Rivka Bertisch Meir, a Remembrance – by Dr. Michael Meir

My dear friends, colleagues and students/ future colleagues, only 20 minutes to describe Rivka, a soul devoted to help people it is really a challenge. Many of you met her and many of you had the privilege to be her friend and or colleague. I had the de divine fortune of marring her and shared almost 25 years of mutual and unconditional love. Undoubtedly was also a learning and growing process in our lives. I owe her so much.

Today we are celebrating the fervor, enthusiasm, passion and commitment of a model of wife, a mother, a grandmother a psychologist… all in one. She was professional in all aspects…

Rivka was herself so powerful, so determined, so loyal to her purpose of life that made her possible to deliver her message just with her presence. Her strong personality was only supported by her big and sweet heart. Allow me to read what was published by a British journalist the day after the accident.

Shabbat Shalom from Jerusalem. Rivka, Zoabi, Galloway, Shimon Peres on BBC
15th August 2014- Shabbat Shalom dear friends

I had so many ideas for these weeks Shabbat Shalom. So many items of news, serious, frightening and even amusing, but it all became irrelevant when we received tragic news yesterday. A true light, a flame, the life of a beautiful woman was snuffed out in a moment yesterday as Dr. Rivka Bertisch Meir crossed the road to meet the love of her life, her husband Dr. Michael, and an errant driver mowed her down.

Probably the most vibrant, intelligent, warm, loving and generous person I had ever met, a true friend in every way, Rivka’s tiny frame filled the room with her personality. I am beyond sad, I am devastated. I know that Rivka earned her place in heaven a thousand times with her innate Jewishness, her ability to turn every situation into a positive one. May her sweet soul rest in peace and may G-d console our dear Michael, Rivka’s Michael, among the mourners of Zion.
My heart breaks but I must continue to inform and bring you the news so I will try.


Rivka Bertisch Meir

Rivka, held 2 BA’s 2 Master’s and almost 3 Ph.D.’s…. and numerous distinctions worldwide.

The years she lived in Israel co-created and co-directed 2 programs: Tipat-Halav (Gota de Leche) and Kidum for the development of the intelligence and to help people leveling and adjust to different cultures and origins to achieve similar standards….
While in Hawaii she spent 6 years living in a mystical school with a reduce number of students.

Never tired, never wasting a second when was about to help people and always sticking her neck up when just causes crossed her way or her looked for them.

Always promoted and facilitated awareness and wellness and was completely against the “victim role” because she was a strong believer that we have to take responsibility for our actions and the ripple effect of those actions….

She wrote several papers and in her book “Stop Beliefs that Stop Your Life” this is well mentioned and dissected, also mentioned in the Ray Corsini’s Dictionary of Psychology for this theory. She taught and exerted the concept of “We are the creators of our own reality” and what “we do today create our future”.

That is why devoted her life to counseling psychology and Judaism, because antisemitism is the perfect example of how distorted is the reality we see and we create, and she pointed out very well who are the victims…

She fought powerfully against those that are pictured as victims and are happy teaching their own children how to kill and encouraging and sending them to die. She used to say that it is impossible to explain that trough psychology, and we do not need an explanation we just need to change it!

In her studies on DNA/cell memory (first called Past Life Regression) she wondered on how many generations we would need in order to change that DNA of hatred and distorted parenthood.

For her, achieving wellbeing was not only a matter of having balanced the PEMES levels but also was a matter of giving hands to others, constantly and without any doubt, hesitation and without any type of discrimination… just another human being. She used to start her workshops with exercises to eliminate participants’ judgment and criticism, and then she was really able to start working with the audience to heighten their level of consciousness.

She traveled tirelessly all over the world to find more and more knowledge; she was with the greatest models of psychology, Victor Frankel, Dreikurs, Corsini, Drs. Palmer and Broughton of Duke University in Scientific Parapsychology, Taught few years ago with the 2015 Peace Nobel Price… Connected people all over the world, brought many new members to the APA Division 52… The list of achievements is very extensive and significant.

G-D had gave me the honor and pleasure to be her student, her partner, her husband and her soulmate.

Although I never doubted or discussed G-D’s decision whenever she was called, still I miss her a lot. She could have contribute so much more…

Thank you

Michael Meir, M.D.

Speech given at The 27th Greater New York Conference on Behavioral Research
Saint Francis College, Brooklyn
Nov. 6th, 2015