“Always give more than you’re expecting to receive” – notes from the book “Recreating your life” by Rivka B. Meir and Michael Meir

“Always give more than you’re expecting to receive” – notes from the book “Recreating your life” by Rivka B. Meir and Michael Meir

There are many forms of love. Self-love, is indispensable. One of the things that is inherent in loving yourself is knowing that you deserve the best that life has to offer. By knowing that you deserve the best, you are empowered to create for yourself the best that life has to offer. When you fail to love yourself, you automatically sabotage your heart’s desire because you believe yourself to be undeserving. This self-sabotage is almost as involuntary as breathing.

“Love”, An Extract from the book “Re-creating your life” by Rivka Bertisch Meir, Ph.D., M.D.H. and Michael Meir, M.D.

“Small things affect small minds.” Benjamiin Disraeli

When God commanded: “Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thy self,” He acknowledged the existence of natural self-love. Self- love is essential for successful living. It includes basic caring, interest and affection for yourself. It is only when you fully possess self- love that you can give love and share your love with others.

Recognize and appreciate all your good qualities. Be excited and challenged by your potential for further growth and development. Don’t concentrate your attention on your shortcomings. This does not mean that you should ignore them, it means you should not hate yourself for them. Rather, acknowledge your flaws as gaps in your personal development and a means to promote personal growth. Remember, because you are unique, you cannot be compared to anyone else. Accept your uniqueness and appreciate your whole self, body, mind and soul.

To truly know love, you must be loving and non-judgmental.

When you try to know what love is through analysis, through its effects, or through your reactions and responses, you will not know it. The only way to know what love really is, is to really love.

The first expression of romantic love is sex, which can be translated as: attraction, cohesion, affinity, understanding, or fusion on different levels. Sex exists on all planes or levels. There is physical sex, emotional, mental and spiritual sex.

There is physical sex in human and lower kingdoms. In emotional sex, there is some kind of affinity which is not necessarily related to physical sex. You may also love someone, a group, love your country or another nation, and in such a love there is no sex. In this stage, instead of thinking only of your pleasure, you consider the pleasure of others.

Then there is mental sex. You may love a thing of beauty, a particular talent, a creative person, and become inspired to create poetry or works of art. Dante’s “Divine Comedy” is the result of mental love. If you have no physical or emotional interest in a person but love his ideas, his visions, his spirituality and his connection with the Divine, and subsequently you produce creative activities, then you have spiritual sex. This is especially true with religious and spiritual people.

Many great visions, ideas, projects, and plans are created when two or more people collaborate and inspire each other, as in mental or spiritual-level sex activity. In all these cases, one person acts as a positive pole, another acts as a negative pole. The friction between these poles creates physical, emotional, or mental forms of love.
Love is sex, and sex is love. Sex is the energy that unites matter and spirit. Thus love is in a process of expression, radioactivity or in a process of revelation. Love reveals. As we love more, we become more like love.

• If we love only physically, we are ten percent love.
• When we add to it mental love, we become thirty percent love.
• As we truly love, we increase in being loved.
• As we progress to higher degrees of loving, our field of contact and the intensity of our
joy increase.

Love is neither a sentiment nor an emotional attitude. Rather, it is the most powerful energy that exists, the core of which is within every human being. All of us contain a fountain of great love which is unfortunately blocked most of the time by our psychological disorders, negativity, distortions, vices and ignorance.

Blocked love is a potential health hazard. It creates inner pressure, distracts thought processes, and inhibits emotions and actions. When love flows unobstructed, it nourishes the whole nervous system, the glands, and charges the whole man with enthusiasm, joy, and vitality. It also has an extremely powerful purifying influence in our personality. A truly loving person eventually turns into a cause of transformations. Whomever he touches he transforms. People change around him. They lose their negativity, grief and inertia, and instead become positive, joyful, rhythmic.

When your heart suppresses this greatest energy of the universe, you burn and are cracked with that energy.

Love is “For-Giving”

Love and its relationships with abundance

The more we open our hearts, the deeper is our connection to God’s presence, the universe, Infinite Intelligence and, consequently, the more powerful we feel. Conditional love is that love which is given after a person “meets our conditions.” These conditions, which seem so important to us, literally become qualifying factors to opening ourselves to the love within us, and allowing that love to connect with another’s love. What we commonly call an emotion—such as anger, sadness, elation—is an interpretation of a feeling by the conscious mind. A condition is a judgment. When we judge a person as not being perfect just the way he is, we justify withholding love from that person. What we fail to see is that it is our interpretation of words spoken or an act performed that gives rise to the judgment or condition.

As we expand our awareness of who we really are, we recognize that a condition is a totally subjective experience on our part and has nothing at all to do with the behavior of another. We are never really at the effect of another. We are never really victims.

Unconditional love is the real game of life. It is the way we connect to the power that we really have.

Infinite intelligence is always there to guide us in expanding our vision and reclaiming our power.

Whenever we are willing to feel our feelings and open our hearts, we connect with this most expansive energy.
. . .“Many men think they can be inhuman exploiters in their business life, and loving husbands and fathers at home. For achievement without love, is a cold and tight-lipped murderer of human happiness everywhere” . . . .

Often we avoid experiencing our feelings because we perceive the process as too painful. So we fall back on our training to use our intellects to solve problems, and we attempt to interpret our feelings rather than feel them.

When we open our hearts enough to connect with our God presence, we no longer feel the need to protect ourselves. The power inherent in this all-knowing, loving, supportive state fills us with a sense of peacefulness and allows money and all other gifts to flow through our lives freely, generously and naturally.

Dr. Leonard Sagan, doctor and epidemiologist from California, affirms the extent to which you are loved in your earlier years determines the number of years you will live. In his book The Health of Nations, published in 1988, he assures that love has a very powerful influence in the longevity of an individual, and that affectionate love at an early age is the most important factor in life expectancy in this last century. His epidemiological investigation focused on 500 years of illness and death in all the cultures of the world.

Studies show that when children are treated with love and concentrated attention, they resist illness and they tend to live longer. Sagan is not alone when he speaks of the vital relationship between love and longevity. Many scientists have studied the relationship between a positive childhood with strong parental bonds and healthy social relationships lead to longer and better lives.

A comparative study between single and married people demonstrated that the latter tend to live longer, due probably to the solitary means of the first ones.

It seems the key would be to develop social and emotional ties that replace the existent union in family life. Four forms of social bonds are: marriage, contact with family and friends, membership in a religious institution and any other affiliation group.

A Yale University study demonstrated a correlation among those who had affiliations and those who did not, concluding that the latter would die in the following 9 years. Many studies show that unaffiliated people have a life expectancy shorter than affiliated people.

A study at the University of Michigan, carried out by sociologist James S. House, reached similar conclusions. He demonstrated that the rate of mortality for unsociable women was two times greater, and for unsociable men it was three times as great.

Significantly, single people who maintain many contacts with close friends and relatives have the same rate of mortality as married people with few contacts. It is the existence of an important relationship, and the proximity with which we allow ourselves to be with others that matters. If we pretend to be emotionally present but indeed are not, it doesn’t get taken into account in the statistic. What’s important is the quality of those relationships.

Relationships characterized by selfishness, manipulation and exploitation, are likely to create more stress rather than alleviate it, and this doesn’t help longevity.

Most researchers agree that the type of relationships that most positively influences health and longevity are those based on altruism, a desire to contribute and to help and, at least in times of crisis, putting another person’s needs before one’s own.

People who habitually help others report better health, and more than 90% perceive more positive physical sensations, increase in strength, greater extroversion and a deep sensation of peace. Some doctors attribute this to the production of endorphins (chemical element of the brain that acts like a sedative, pseudo morphine) by our body. Helping others actually creates a state similar to that achieved by those who practice yoga and meditation. Helping and affectionately caring for others can be the key toward a longer, more productive life.

We should always strive to become closer to others and touch them not only figuratively, but literally, through physical contact such as shaking hands. Physical contact, especially at an early age, has a great implication in health and longevity.

Some psychologists affirm that a continuation of sexual expression is an important factor in the continuation of life.


Sorry is just a word no phrase just smiles and gazes on people’s faces.
Love is round
with no beginning no end, just a center
with no taste or smell
Just something that feels well.
Forgiveness no meaning no sense just a simple “F.”
Respect is a cup
of sweet water
with no lemon or lime, Just a video
that plays day and night.
It all comes to one thing Look inside your heart and you will find butterflies and doves
with no wings
just feelings broken and a square heart.