Marcelo Paladini, CEO, Cynergy Data

Marcelo Paladini, CEO, Cynergy Data

Dear Drs. Rivka and Michael,

The impact that you have had on my staff and operations has being short of remarkable, and you can quote me on that.

Your program since inception has effectively improved work relationships. It is highly recommended for small and large companies. You have provided some of the most uplifting and inspirational thinking I have ever encountered.

Summary of our key areas of improvement, from December to June 2002:

  • Processing volume increased by 51.48%
  • Accounts on file increased by 33%
  • The number of employees increased by 59.25%
  • Owner’s equity increase by 130%

The program has helped us clarified short and long-term goals for owners, managers and the whole company.

Everyone felt part of the common goals and was able to see their participation in achieving them.

As an owner, you have helped us to manage people more effectively and have more free time to create new ideas, research the industry for new products and travel more often to increase the company’s presence in the industry.

If any company is looking for an increased motivation, teamwork performance and improve their communication skills within the company, with less stress in everyone and more cooperation, I would strongly recommend your coaching program.

Best Regards

Marcelo F. Paladini