Empowerment Experts Group℠ is one of the pioneer organizations of coaching and personal development in the United States, with over thirty years of experience in the USA and the Latin American market. It is the only properly credentialed specialized in sectors of Spanish-speaking immigrants and has been active in the countries of origin of the immigrants. Empowerment Experts Group℠ available to these audiences offers coaching and personal development which until now was only available in English. Develops specific programs and activities for the Hispanic community and implements it applying an integrative approach.

Since 1981 continues organizing a variety of events for corporations and individuals. Thousands of people were able to become part of the American society in the business, academic and professional field. With the highest academic background and support uses advanced methodology, interactive participation and professionalism renewing their programs and events constantly to provide the opportunity so much needed for migrants and the American society.

Their multicultural and multilingual approach and experiences allowed them to help integrate both cultures in business, academia, professions and families. It is their ability, gift and passion with a significant degree of success.

Our Mission

A unique approach to transform projects into reality. To help our customers grow through individual and group coaching and special development to enable them to prevent and reverse conflicts and effectively meet their goals, clearly improving quality of life, relationships and economics’ standards. To recuperate the power immigrants had in their country of origin. Our goal is to assist overcome obstacles, change belief systems, understand the “new culture” and rediscover their power, improve organizations with practical and customized solutions, assertive communication, increase skills. Diagnosis and management of change processes, strategic planning and organizational performance. ‘Chaos Management’ tools to set priorities and make proper decisions under pressure. Create assertiveness, high performance teams with quality customer service, leadership and empowerment. An essential ingredient is to implement their vision and “Emotional Intelligence” in the members of a company or family to increase leadership, service attitude, competitiveness, cooperation, teamwork and productivity. Economic growth will increase the wealth of companies and families.

Our Vision

Become the energizing leader in business and personal development to collaborate with organizations, releasing unnecessary difficulties, exalting the individual skills with solutions becoming the main strategic ally to optimize their resources and plan your success and the ultimate positioning in the market.

Combine coaching and consulting systems to achieve the most of their capabilities faster.

Maintain the highest professional level to provide simple, effective solutions and measurable results.

Focus on creativity and innovation and constantly support customers in their corporate and personal growth and development.

Empowerment Experts Group is open to new markets, ideas and innovative ways reacting to constant changes.

“Group Founders” Biographical Information

Dr Rivka Dr Michael Meir
Dr. Rivka Bertisch Meir (1941-2014) Dr. Michael Meir