Andres Rosado

Dr. Rosado has an Associates of Interdisciplinary Sciences and Bachelor’s Degree Education from Touro College, he doubled majored in Anthropology and Sociology. The Master’s and Doctoral Educational Studies are from St. John’s University, in World History and Interdisciplinary Studies.

Andres as motivational speaker focuses on the sociological, anthropological and historical aspects of his academic background with an intensive multicultural and interdisciplinary approach to the studies that dealt with the science of culture and the developments that shaped different types of populations.
His lectures and presentations that focus on defining multicultural and intercultural relations in the United States are specialized on specializing and preparing individuals and corporations for cultural and intergenerational competence.

At the present time is Deputy-Chair, professor and College Student Club Advisor of the Human Services Program at TCI College of Technology in New York City, for the division of Health Sciences & Technologies.