Gray Harriman

Education, training, and innovation expert. Has lead the production of education and training products for 100K financial analysts, and Continuing Medical Education (CME) and training for 25K physicians worldwide.

Gray has been a technology and business training consultant in Taiwan and in Mainland China where he assessed training at Chinese owned companies, as well as, joint ventures of Chinese companies with American, Japanese, and Korean counterparts. In addition, he is an Education Expert at and has 30 years of experience in distance learning. His work begun with a project on the application of interactive television and grew to the application of learning technologies by leading performing artists, professional organizations, higher education, and business. His work has garnered awards and recognition ranging from “best in Taiwan” by Taiwan’s Minister of Education, to awards by Horizon Interactive Awards and the American Society of Association Executives. His recent interest is in quality training and the application of Lean Six Sigma in production and in service organizations. Currently he serves as Dean of Distance Learning and Dean of Health Sciences & Technologies at a College of Technology in New York City.