Iliana Berezovsky

Psychotherapist, LMFT. Expert in communication, coach and educator (Bilingual English- Spanish). She specializes in enhancing and improving relationships in corporate and individual settings.

Iliana has conducted seminars and training in several countries for over 20 years. Founder of “Recipes for Life”, an educational publishing company that developed and published bi-lingual self-help guides for the general public and companies such as General Mills, Blue Shield Blue Cross of Florida and Papyrus.

She has been a Supervisor and Trainer at St. Joseph Hospital of Orange, California, providing supervision, community outreach and education; Professor at Antioch University Marina Del Rey, California; taught brief therapy techniques and individual and group behavioral modification.

Iliana has frequently been consulted by the media. Co-author of the book “How to deal with difficult people”, contributed to the book “Estrategias Psicoterapéuticas Institucionales.” And author of the upcoming book, “Remind me why we’re still together.”