Jessica Meiller-Tangir

Professional Corporate and Individual Coach certified by the ICF, Psychologist graduated in Venezuela.(Bilingual English-Spanish), Workshops and Trainings.

Jessica has been recognized for her leadership in the creation, development and evolution of social and educational programs in corporations and nonprofit organizations. Founder and director of a network of 10 NGO with extensive experience in community strategic planning.

During her career she has led a wide range of groups and individuals, has worked as a professional coach in a program to train parents, teachers and students on the prevention of Bullying. Has an extensive and proven experience organizing and teaching workshops, courses and seminars for leadership, corporate and individual coaching, effective communication, personal growth, parenting, and outdoor workshops for socio-emotional learning experiences among others. Wide expertise working with groups of teens in security and personal development, also conducted vocational orientation and counseling.

You will benefit from Jessica’s innovative holistic approach which is a unique result of personal growth best practices. In her daily work as a Professional Life Coach and Therapist, she will coach you to experience an awareness of a new consciousness in our connection with the world, others and Self, creating a journey to shift your mindset, shift you business, and create new inner type of leadership.

Jessica’s passion is in teaching and developing how to overcome life challenges by helping people how to connect with their highest purpose, discover their potential, reveal hidden talents, and by re-connecting with their Self, people sense a more fulfilling and meaningful life experience and success in all areas of life.