Ruben Betancourt

Coach for scientific and technological skill Promotion; Innovation and creativity; Project manager of advanced productivity systems
Empowerment and enhancement of natural skills; Use of technology to breach generational gaps.

Ruben holds a Ph.D. (ABD) in Social Education from the University of Granada in Spain and Master Degrees in Industrial Systems Engineering ENIM from Paul Verlaine University in Metz, France, Molecular Biology and Quality Control Systems from Palermo’s University and Sicily’s Research Zoo Profilactic Institute in Italy. He is an expert in professional training based in laborals kills, trained in SENA-Manizales – Caldas Colombia with a Bachelor’s Degree in Food Science from SENA-Manizales, Caldas Colombia.

Betancourt has vast experience of large nationally (Colombia) and regionally (South America) recognized projects for innovation, scientific research and the application of technologies in information systems and communication within the education field.

Resume Highlights:

• Experience as an expert consultant and auditor in the implementation of management systems and quality assurance in different sectors such as education, agriculture and food consumption.

• Ambassador and representative of Colombia in the World Expo Shanghai 2010 responsible for projects involving food safety and industrial processes in Colombia.

• Keynote speaker for large conferences and symposiums nationally and internationally. General Advisor – Consultant and Professor
Servicio Nacional de Aprendizaje SENA – Manizales, Colombia.

• General development advisor in science, innovation and technological projects to Governments.

• Lead Auditor for ISO 9001: 2000 and NTCGO (Colombian technical standard for public administration) and MECI (Standard Model of Internal Control).

• Professor in the agricultural and post-harvest quality management for the food systems industry. Including implementation of Good Agricultural Practices GLOBALGAP under
standard NTC 5400 and GLOBALGAP Standard – Virtual Tutor on Blackboard.