faqHere are some of the questions that are frequently asked at our events by individuals and corporations.

What does Doctor Rivka Group do?
The goal is to promote and improvement competitiveness of all types of businesses and corporations by implementing methodologies, tools and of innovative management principles. The group aims to the human potential which is the most valuable asset of any environment.  Offering a wide range of activities, events and coaching by experience professionals.

What services do you offer?
Innovative program of Advanced Management Models which is the result of a wide and long experience in institutions, organizations and companies in several countries. See the list of events on our website. (Corporate Management – Personal Management) 

What’s your experience in Business Development?
Pioneers in Integral Corporate and Personal Coaching, with over 30 years’ experience, having trained and helped numerous corporations achieve their growth objectives and immersion in different markets at the highest competitive level.

What kind of events do you offer?
The purpose of the Advanced Management model is to guide companies in finding the competitiveness improvements of integrating management concepts provided from different areas such as: Knowledge Management, Total Quality Management, Excellence, Innovation, and Social Responsibility among others. In general, two phases are applied; the first is the accurate diagnosis on the company’s management to improve decision making and competitiveness. The second phase is to develop a customized plan of action and strategies based on the leaders’ objectives.

What type of corporations are these events geared?
To all kinds of business, ‘start- ups’, entrepreneurs and individuals with ambitions to grow and succeed.

What are the most requested events?
Only the most requested are listed in our website, countless other events are prepared “tailored” for each company.

What distinguishes Doctor Rivka Group from others?
Their highest academic background, corporate and international experience along with their multicultural and multilingual experience Their devotion and dedication to providing the best to help businesses and individuals reach their full potential, tailored to each institution or organization.

We possess an exclusive and integrative system to reach both corporations and individuals.

What is the participants’ opinion about your events?
We invite you to view a list of testimonials from some of our customers who have benefited in several countries and in several languages ​​. (Link to testimonials)

What methodology do you used in your events?
Our events, produce life changes dramatically and instantaneously way, through a unique blend of exciting, fun and interactive group dynamics. We perform individual processes, entertaining presentations, simulation games and various exercises. Participants realize the impact of their attitudes and actions in the group. These powerful changes lead to immediate action, maximizing your potential, cooperation and the use of the principle of synergy.

Do you achieve participants’ Interaction?
Yes, indeed!! Our unique approach transforms projects into reality. Most of the members of an organization interact and participate in a dynamic, creative and entertaining way resulting in a high level of learning that benefits both the individual and group. The important fact to remember is that our events are 20 % theoretical and 80 % experiential / participatory.

Do you perform SWOT studies?
In addition to the SWOT studies we have a full battery of tests to study different personality styles, recruitment, reconfiguration of equipment, monitoring and evaluation of results, team performance and much more.

Do you offer Organizational and business plans?
Our goal is to enable clients to achieve unlimited skills, raise the level of the organization with practical and customized solutions, assertive communication, increase their talents and management of change.  Stimulate the development, strategic planning and organizational performance, chaos management tools, to set priorities and make decisions under pressure. Create assertiveness, high performance teams with high quality customer service, leadership and empowerment.

Do you organize tailored events?
Most of our experience is to create or shape events and training tailored to the needs of each group or organization. It is well proven that a fixed “formula” or training is not effective. The first phase is the  scanning and diagnosis of the company and setting clear objectives and based on this phase the training plan is implemented.

Do you offer personal coaching?
Yes. It is one of the basic pillars of the organization for better performance backed by our professional background and training.

Do you offer paradigm shifts and their impact on business events?
Yes, we offer these events to adopt new paradigms while training about the impact of these in the whole company for positive growth and development.

What products offered for corporate development?
All our products are geared to corporate success. Several events are offered. Some are described on the site and others adapted to the needs of each client. We invite you to read one of the testimonials, the Cynergy Data, signed by one of its presidents (Link) is one of the most classic which reflects the results obtained with our company events

What motivation and management events produce?
We give you the boost you need to take action, lead and succeed. All our events including individual coaching are highly inspirational and motivational. We guide and teach practical tools for the individual to use their potential and skills and tipping in any activity, highly reflecting on communication and therefore able to handle any interview or sale.

What personal development events do you offer?
A wide range of both individual and group events to ensure that our mission is accomplished while allowing the participant to achieve optimal operational level in the family and in society. We have a track record in the American and Latino market both socially and academically.

How do you help immigrants?
Doctor Rivka Group ℠ is the only professional group with professional and academic background, specialized in the Spanish-speaking immigrants and has developed activities in their countries of origin. We offer Spanish-speaking audiences special coaching and personal development which was only available in English. Developed specific programs and activities for the Latino community with a multifaceted and integrative approach.

What legal services are provided for immigrants?
Doctor Rivka Group ℠ offers all the services that immigrants need including the legal one. Experienced immigration lawyers are part the group.

What are the most requested events?
Events for families, family businesses, and immigrants in general who are still struggling to adapt to the society or country. These events are aimed at anyone who needs to reduce levels of anxiety and stress, learn to achieve new goals and how to properly maintain balanced interpersonal relationships especially with loved ones and improve quality of life. Especially to regain the full potential, energy and capacity that most forgot they had.

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