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ico-telefonoIn three languages: English, Spanish and Hebrew

Since its inception Doctor Rivka Group offers telephone and online services for corporations, individuals and families. An effective telephone or online training can improve synergy, knowledge and increase productivity in any organization. Online training gives participants the opportunity for live interactions in real-time. It is more than to learn to be positive. It is a genuine system to help you and your team change and solve situations and get the results you want without leaving your office or home! The rapid development of information and communication technology has had its impact on corporations, teams, individuals and families. It bridges physical and social distances. Online Training, Tele-coaching and Tele-consulting offer new opportunities to provide assistance for organizations, business people, individuals and families around the world. ADVANTAGES:

  • Dramatically decreases the time a client/patient must wait and the miles he or she must travel to consult a specialist.
  • Several studies have found clients and patients more comfortable talking to a distant coach and/or therapist.
  • Always available whenever you need it without leaving your office or home.
  • Access to very good professionals.
  • High-quality professional care available to anyone in an urban or rural area regardless of distance from major experts’ centers.
  • Your teams can share their experiences, acquire new skills, and inter-connect in a new working context
  • Save travel costs
  • Learn team performance by solving and practicing in every day work issues

 is a training or development process by which an individual is supported while achieving a specific personal or professional goal. It offers advice and guidance to improve interpersonal relationships, work and life adjustment, personal effectiveness and behavioral health. Doctor Rivka Group style asks questions and offers a unique perspective that will inspire clients to find answers from within and discover new ways to solve situations or achieve goals. It provides positive support, feedback and advice to an individual, group, family or corporation. Taking in consideration motivational needs and cultural differences. It is an interactive, participatory, transparent process based on total commitment and most important skills and creativity. In coaching there is acceptance of the person and not judging. Unlike conventional therapies coaching is a very accurate system that based on the present situation is focused on helping to achieve the desired future. This process will generally follow these ten steps:

  1. Agreement between the parties – the situation is defined, the alternatives are analyzed, and tentative times are fixed and start working together.
  2. Defining objectives – It is essential to define clear objectives that will undoubtedly allow appropriate decisions and actions to be taken.
  3. Goal Setting
  4. Observing the situation at present time. This is the key to understanding the problem, propose solutions, define alternatives, fit them into a plan and carry out its evaluation.
  5. Creating strategies. Measuring and weighing alternatives. The coach provides a varied number of tools to make the best selection.
  6. Implementing strategies with strong support and guidance.
  7. Monitoring and documentation of the entire process. One of the most crucial parts of this process is to have a clear documentation, where all the decisions, alternatives, measures and chronology of all the facts, since much of the success should be determined by clear and other quantifiable measures.
  8. Setting strategies. Proceed with the steps set out to implement the action plan.
  9. Analyzing each step of the process and rectify when needed.
  10. Evaluating and celebrate achievements.

Facilitates to answer questions such as: – Who am I? What do I want. What prevents me from achieving or reaching defined goals? What plan of action should I take? How long do I need to meet objectives? How do I manage my time? What should I change in my life to achieve my goals? The “Coach” helps strengthen your leadership to set new goals and accomplish many more things than you would have done alone. Companies see the “Coach” as a professional guide for transformation, trying to find a better way of doing things. It is definitely a strategic element of corporations to achieve maximum performance of the best asset that is the human being. Doctor Rivka Group is experienced in creative tools, innovation and motivation. Some authors define coaching as “the art of working with others to get results out of the ordinary and improve ways of doing things” and we could see on our wide range of events and trainings offered this definition embodies a reality. And if not now, when?TeleCoaching[/fancy_title] Tele-Coaching is also called counseling or coaching through any new communication program (traditional phones, Skype or other means via PC, tablets or smartphones).  The coach is available to individuals, families and corporate executives from virtually anywhere in the world or time of day. It is an effective method used in coaching, consulting and counseling. This procedure is very convenient since you can get support from home, the workplace, the car park or any place of your choice. No need to detour from regular activities nor waste time in traveling; simply to have access to one of the aforementioned means to achieve a comfortable, pleasant and relaxed conversation. In a face -to-face meeting, there are often things that are not said or left out for fear of being judged, while the Tele -coaching, this does not happen and more relaxation is achieved by a simple low voltage connection and the sound of a voice. It is a procedure designed to handle any situation that arises, in an easy, simple and very effective way. In general we can say that through its widespread use:

  • Improve work performance
  • Achieve significant and measurable goals
  • Take intelligent decisions
  • Enhance family and work relationships
  • Detect weaknesses
  • Analyze events
  • Identify strategies and define/solve problems
  • Defy difficult situations
  • Accomplish higher satisfaction
  • Feel constant support
  • Choose the best professionals urban, rural or international

When you decide to learn to swim, play tennis, golf, baseball, etc. You usually invest in a trainer or coach. Should not you do the same for the most important things in your life, such as, family, relationships, business or increase profits?… Do you Feel?

  • Overwhelmed?… working long hours with little results?
  • Neglecting your family or your personal life?
  • Lacking cooperation from your colleagues/coworkers?
  • Stressed out?

Would you like to?

  • Increase your income
  • Become independent
  • Enjoy free time and energy to dedicate to you and your family

Coaching for success and lasting results.

Successful people choose coaching or counseling to achieve their goals faster and easier We invite you to ask yourself:

  • How do I control my finances?
  • How can I find my partner?
  • How do I overcome my guilt and anger?
  • How do I conquer my fears?
  • How could I stop fighting with spouse and children?
  • How can I get a promotion?
  • How can I get a better job?
  • How can I increase my creativity?
  • How do I get my children to study more?
  • How do I organize my house?
  • How can I have enjoy my free time?
  • How can I eliminate negative relationships?
  • How can I learn to live with chronic diseases?
  • How can I have fun with my family?
  • How do I find more people to socialize?
  • How do I improve my self-esteem?


We all need coaching or counseling! You are better than you think. Let us help you discover all your power and creativity

Who should participate?  Any person or group that is ready to succeed and achieve goals faster and easier