pic-pionerosWhy Pioneers?

Because we were lucky enough to study and work with the creators of the most advanced and innovative techniques in the USA We were trained to do it at the highest professional level using the most broad-minded technologies. Creators and authors of new theories and tools clearly marking the “before and after” for each individual and corporation using resources in a creative and attractive manner helping participants in our multiple events to build a different, more effective, fulfilling lives and feel successful and proactive.

pic-diferentesWhy Different?

Because we combine several fields of specialization and technologies with a strong academic background and vast multidisciplinary experience. We have combined such diverse disciplines as the traditional and alternative medicine, psychology, public health, communication, education, scientific parapsychology and organizational development among others. In general we devote 80% to proven presentations, ‘processing’ techniques, interactive exercises, simulation games, group techniques and analyzing results and 20% theory. These events produce dramatic and immediate life changes, through a unique blend of exciting, fun and interactive group dynamics. Participants realize the impact of their attitudes and actions in the group and the power of their individual strengths. These powerful changes can lead to immediate action, maximizing their potential, cooperation and synergy.

pic-nosotrosWhy Us?

With over 30 years of creating results and with the introduction of our various events, we provide a high level of service, convenience, knowledge and tools. Our experience, including multicultural and multilingual skills, and our devotion and passion helps businesses and individuals reach their full potential. We have a uniqueness to assist efficiently both corporations and individuals.