HAROLD-TAKOOSHIAN, PhD. International Division APA, NY

HAROLD-TAKOOSHIAN, PhD. International Division APA, NY

I am pleased to learn Dr. Rivka Bertisch Meir is being considered as a consulting therapist, coach and trainer, and to offer here my candid impressions of her work. Since I first met Rivka and her husband Michael at an international psychology gathering in New York City on 4 December 2004, she has increasingly impressed me in a few ways.

1. As a teacher, Rivka’s record the past years at CUNY is clear. When I guest-lectured in her CUNY courses, I saw first-hand from her detailed syllabi, large enrollments, and students’ comments how much they praised her clarity, structure, expertise, rigor, and concern for students’ welfare—valued skills for an effective teacher.

2. As a consulting psychologist, she is talented and energetic, with a solid grasp of both science and practice. She has her own firm, and enjoys the respect of her colleagues–as evidenced by her leadership roles in NYSPA, and the APA Divisions of International and General Psychology.

3. As a colleague, Rivka is versatile, colorful, and multilingual (Spanish, Hebrew), with 25 years of experience in her native Argentina, Israel, Duke University, Hawaii, and now New York City. In 2005, the American Psychological Association elected Rivka to “fellow” status, based on her “unusual and outstanding” work in psychology, so she is now one of the 5% of 84,000 APA members with this distinction.

4. She is a well-rounded scientist-practitioner, who works closely with Editor Ray Corsini, is the author of several books,

5. On a personal level, Rivka is a gracious person with great tact, yet a high-energy go-getter who can thrive in whatever she puts her mind on. Represent our APA well.

I recommend Rivka highly. I can be reached below with any further questions.

Harold Takooshian, PhD
Past-President, APA International Division

212-636-6393, fax 201-262-7141