John McGrath, Ph.D. TCI College of Technology, New York

John McGrath, Ph.D. TCI College of Technology, New York

It is a pleasure to write a letter of recommendation to Dr. Michael Meir whom I have known for several years in my capacity as Chief Executive Officer and President of TCI College.

Dr. Meir was the Dean of the Division of Health Sciences and Technologies at the TCI College in New York City, which has over 1200 students and 40 teachers in three academic departments (Human Services, Health Information Technology, and Ophthalmic Dispensing).

As a professional, Dr. Meir displays respect and care for colleagues, students, clients and patients. One particular strength is his warmth and genuine interest for people, inspiring them to collaborate in their field, organized Workshops, invited lecturers for his students and Professional Development.

Dr. Meir is very serious, responsible, ethical and collaborative professional. He is a team player presenting his research and programs in a very passionate and dedicated way.

Dr. Michael has utilized his multicultural background and connections to enhance the network among teachers and students. He is a vibrant, charismatic, creative and has great leadership qualities that brings innovation to endeavors.

Dr. Meir initiated the Human Service Degree Academic Program (HSE) at our college. Dr. Meir grew the program in a short period of time to be one of the largest in the College. He has been able to strategically position the Institute’s health programs at the highest level by developing dynamic courses, opening a functional laboratory for anatomy and physiology and hiring high level academics to teach in various programs. He elevated college programs and standards significantly.

Dr. Meir created mandatory internships; personally identified the proper hospitals and medical offices to accept and place TCI students. Many of the students participating in these internships where subsequently hired.

In addition, he expanded the Industry Advisory Councils for each academic program. Dr. Meir introduced Psi Beta to TCI, the National Honor Society for Psychology, and improved the faculty development program, development of students, and oversaw several students clubs. He also created the “search committee protocol” to hire new instructors which became the standard protocol for the entire college.

He always displayed a multicultural thinking and personal experiences with different languages, cultures that brought to his instructors a high level in professional development and improved retention rates drastically.

Dr. Meir as an educator, as a community leader and mentor showed the art of incorporating a multicultural perspective in the curriculum, in teaching modalities and in the classroom process through organizing workshops and trainings for students and staff to expose them to experts from different fields to inspire and advance them at all levels.

His various professional experiences as a physician, mental health counselor, business and motivational consultant, and teacher, coupled with interpersonal, communication, and teaching skills, (both in the United States and abroad) is an asset for success of any organization. He is analytical and quick minded, thus he is a true combinations of head and heart.

I strongly endorse him.

John McGrath, Ph.D.