Samvel Jeshmaridian, PhD. BMCC, Nueva York “Testimonial”

Samvel Jeshmaridian, PhD. BMCC, Nueva York “Testimonial”

Meir Family is a Soul family. Both Rivka Meir and Michael Meir are high class teachers, therapists, scientists and scholars, great organizers and Precious Friends with capitals letters.

I came to know Dr. Rivka Bertisch Meir from American Psychological Association Division 52, in the early years of the previous decade. Our contacts initially were based on email communication. Dr. Rivka Meir paid my membership for APA Division 52 (“Adopt a Psychologist from Abroad Program” she created) and made me an International member of APA. That way, she helped me get information on US Psychology. Through Scientific Journals and Webpages, I could learn what’s happening in the field of Psychology worldwide. That was very helpful for a beginner like me.

In September, 2005 I came to the United States of America as a Kennan Scholar with Woodrow Wilson Center for International Scholars. After I completed my Program in Washington DC and arrived in New York City, Dr. Rivka Meir and her husband Dr. Michael Meir surrounded me with professional and personal care. We had just started our scientific cooperation, when I suffered stroke. Then, the care of Meir spouses went into the field of my health and rehabilitation. Dr. Rivka Meir gave her Psychology classes to me at BMCC, so I could survive, and later Dr. Michael Meir invited me as an instructor to TCI Technology College to teach courses in Psychology, Health Information Technologies, and Human Services. That way, I was able to successfully develop and effectively cooperate with Drs. Rivka and Michael Meir in a few fields of scientific endeavor

  • Participating, giving talks, chairing, and organizing conference panels, seminars, and workshops as well as publishing them for our students;
  • Exchanging opinions, attitudes, and values on Psychology and Medical Theories;
  • Supporting each other spiritually and emotionally.

A few years ago, Dr. Rivka Bertisch Meir published one of her best books, “Stop beliefs that stop your life,” which had an exceptional impression on me. This book teaches how to synergize human internal and external potentials making the person pro-active. I could catch the core idea of the book using it in my everyday life. I excessively used the principles of the book to improve my mental and somatic health.

Samvel Jeshmaridian, PhD
Emeritus Professor, European Union
Psychology Professor, BMCC and TCI College New York